Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Gardening notes to myself

Yesterday, Shena and I visited Rainbow Gardens in San Antonio. I was very well behaved. I only brought home two plants–catnip and portulaca. I like to keep one catnip plant in the garden and also a potted portulaca. For some reason, my potted ice plant never survives the winter in our garage. So I always have to start over. This year, I'm trying a different kind of portulaca/ice plant. I thought the pink bloom was extra pretty.

Also yesterday, my new plant friend, Candy, brought me two prairie nymphs (Herbertia lahue) in exchange for an ironweed she's been pining for. Last spring, I dug up three or so prairie nymphs from my mother's property near Boerne. Two came up. So I planted Candy's nymphs in a different area to keep them separated. 

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