Thursday, May 16, 2019

My sensitive plant

Awhile ago, I transferred my sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica) into a larger pot. It's growing on a window sill in our dining room. You might (or might not) recall my past post about the children's book I wrote that stars a sensitive plant as part of the plot. Anyway, I ordered some seeds (non-native) off eBay and germinated some. Alas, the first few tries ended with death. But finally I planted the seeds deeper in the dirt and VOILA–these two are still alive! Below are photos of the growth process.....I hope they bloom! 

Here's a funny story. My son and his wife, my daughter and her boyfriend, and my mother visited here in March for my birthday. Before my daughter-in-law left to go back home, she made a quick dash over to the window sill. She touched my plant, watched the leaves close, then tore off for the garage to join my son. I still laugh when I remember that scene. Everyone loves a sensitive plant!

The bigger pot

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