Thursday, May 16, 2019

One good decision

I ran across this spiral notebook with notes the other day. It has to date back to 2007 or '08 when James and I first started putting in plants. At the time, I considered keeping a hand-written gardening journal. Back then, blogs were just getting started. I was nervous about having one of my own. But then I decided, why not? So I jumped into Window on a Texas Wildscape, and the rest is history, nicely archived in my blog posts.

But, wow, am I EVER GLAD and THANKFUL I decided going this route. I could have NEVER kept up with our plant inventory using a paper journal nor could I have searched for whatever I wanted to search as easily as I do using the search engine on my blog. PLUS, I couldn't have shared what I've learned along the way with YOU without this blog. Thank you for reading and listening all these years!

P.S. My notes also show how we weren't totally into native plants back then. So there's another good decision––we plant primarily NATIVES!

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