Friday, September 6, 2019

Friendly gal on the wing

A few evenings ago, I was in the back yard after supper, putting water on plants, seeing what I could see. As I walked along a garden path, a bright green dragonfly flitted by. Ah, an eastern pondhawk (Erythemis simpliciollis). I smiled. 

A few minutes later, something whooshed right past by my left ear. I GRINNED.

I'd been side-swiped by that dragonfly!

While I watched, she landed on a nearby rock. With my phone, I got some pictures. She was so friendly that I....
...stuck out my hand......AND SHE LANDED ON ME!
What an awesome moment! Ain't nature just grand?

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sandy lawrence said...

LOVE her little face! And love when nature interacts this way with us, too. Great pics. Thank you.

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