Thursday, February 13, 2020

First fox

Today we sat down for lunch today at our dining table. We face windows that look out to the back  yard. A minute or so later, I glimpsed a tail behind the inland sea oats. My first thought was What's Ms. Atlas doing in our BACK yard? Atlas is a cat. Then I got a better look. "James, there's a fox in the yard!"
I ran for my digital camera and did the best I could at grabbing photos through windows. We were careful not to make any noises. I didn't want to startle the fox because I wanted to watch her/his behavior. We knew we had foxes in our neighborhood because we've both seen them and captured pictures of them on James' game camera.

They are such beautiful animals.

The fox meandered back across our yard. Then it jumped into one of our huge live oaks (photo below). It climbed along some limbs, then went back down to the ground. While we watched through the dining room window, the fox climbed onto the chain-link fence in a far corner,  jumped down to the other side and headed toward the woods.

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sandy lawrence said...

Sooo beautiful! Thank you.

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