Monday, March 2, 2020

Owl box occupied!

We were showing my cousins and mother around the back yard Saturday when James exclaimed, "Look, an owl!" Everyone jerked their heads up and sure enough, an eastern screech owl stared down at us. James was able to get two photos, then he/she dropped down. We've seen the owl once more since Saturday.

Last owl box has been up since May 2008. It was our first Owl Shack, built by Cliff Shackelford. We had an owl that roosted but no babies. That September, we put up a second box. The next May, we had owlets! It was so fun, especially when James did his owl rapping. But that was it. No more baby owls after that. That box needs some floor repairs. Which is probably why our "new" owl is roosting in the original box. Stay tuned!

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