Monday, March 9, 2020

Cleaning the stock tank

It's March. Time to tackle our stock tank pond. First, James lifted out the dwarf water lily and lemon bacopa from the bottom, where they overwintered. Then he pulled out the horsetail rush. Alas, the parrotfeather did not survive. Using a fish net, I mucked out the bottom but not completely.

Look what I found in the muck...a dragonfly nymph. (I felt so bad for disturbing it, which is a big reason why I quit mucking.) I know you can't tell from the photo what it is. So click on this link to see a similar nymph. I set it in the water lily pot and covered it back up.
I've got my fingers crossed the leopard frogs and other wildlife critters don't disturb my plants like they did last summer. Please let me keep my stock tank pond, y'all!


How's It Growing? said...

I am so enjoying your beautiful blog during these very stressful times. I'm starting a veggie garden this year and I will be incorporating a stock tank pond. Would you be able to provide me dimensions or a source where you got yours? Wishing you all the best health and happiness! Thank you! Laura

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Hi, Laura! Welcome! We bought the tank at a locally-owned farm supply store. Did you see my 2012 post about how we made our pond? Check out

Can’t wait for the sun to come back out. Although we praise God for the rain (and all our other blessings.)

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