Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Garden club visit

Last Friday, members of the Rock 'n Oaks Garden Club from Hollywood Park (San Antonio) toured our gardens. What a great time! James and I got to see our friends Shirley Fox (third from left, blue shirt) and Melody McMahon (second from right) again. They came to our 2016 Garden Gala and brought us plants. I showed Melody the heartleaf hibiscus and swanflower combo that she gave us. Shirley has a blog, too: Rock-Oak-Deer: Gardening and living in beautiful San Antonio. I've also given presentations, both in person and via Zoom, to this group.

As you can see, Ms. Prima Donna, our snowshoe calico, was the star attraction. It was a fun, fun morning! Thank you for coming, ladies! Looking forward to your fall visit.


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