Friday, June 18, 2021

Me and the fluff

This is my life after supper these days .... separating antelope-horn seeds from the fluff and trying to keep the mosquitos away by swinging at the same time.


Teresa said...

I live in Comal county. I harvested a few antelope-horn pods from the roadside in and now have a hundred or so seeds. I am unsure how best to proceed and could use some advise. I’m not sure if I should just throw the seeds out or try and plant them in seed starters, or maybe do some of both. I have a wild area in my yard that i do not water and plan on growing them in that area.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Hi, Teresa! I toss my milkweed seeds not long after the pods pop. That’s when Mother Nature “plants” them. So you could do both, if you’re willing to try and germinate the seeds. I’m gradually increasing the number of antelope-horns in our Meadow by tossing. (Sometimes I drop them into cracks in the ground.) I’ve noticed that purple milkweed vine seeds have a higher germination rate because I see more of them.

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