Thursday, July 1, 2021

Another aggravating native

You KNOW how much I love native plants. But THIS one recently got under my skin even more. Wild petunia (Ruellia nudiflora) is a resident native in our gardens. In other words, it was here before we were. It reseeds readily and shows up nearly everywhere. Sometimes I leave it alone and let it be. But sometimes I pull. A few days ago, I decided numerous ruellias needed to go in a front-yard bed. Alas, I'd let them grow too long! Look at these ROOTS! Oh, my goodness! Later, I spotted some HUGE ruellias in another area where I'd rather them not be. So now I know I have a big pulling project ahead of me. Heavy sigh.....  Sometimes it's a challenge to manage my native plant friends. I bet you can relate.

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