Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Blue fingers and parralena

Yesterday, I was kindly invited to attend a Texas Master Gardener meeting at the dyeing and weaving studio of Deb McClintock. At her home north of the Pedernales River, Deb collects plants, lichens, acorns, galls and other ingredients from nature to create beautiful dyes and pigments. During her program, she had us crush leaves from her Japanese indigo in our fingers. At first, I just had a green mushy mess between my thumb and fingers. Then, like magic, the green turned to BLUE! And stayed blue on my hand the rest of the day. Fun!

Before we left Deb's home, I noticed a pretty clump of parralena (Thymophylla pentachaeta) growing by the parking area. When I asked, she said, sure, I could collect some seeds. So I did! The reason why I was happy to get some is because one lone parralena used to grow alongside the street in our front yard. I posted my find in June 2014 and  October 2016. For protection, I put rocks around the parralena. But, sadly, the rocks fell away, and the plant disappeared. 

Before supper yesterday, the skies turned dark. REAL dark. I just KNEW it was gonna rain! So I grabbed my envelope of parralena seeds and headed for the Meadow. I figured it'd be a great time to spread them. Which I did. But alas, the storm split and went around us. Darn. Maybe another late afternoon shower will pop up and wash the seeds into the soil. But that's completely up to Mother Nature.

Indigo fingers!

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