Saturday, May 14, 2022

You don’t see anything….

So for awhile, a little Cope’s gray treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis) hung out in our urn plant (bromeliad) on the front porch. When Kip, Lisa, and Charity walked their Kingdom Kids over from our church last month to tour our Wildscape, I had the children parade quietly past the frog. They enjoyed peering at him. A day or two later, though, the frog vanished, no doubt offended by all the unwanted attention. Oh, well, I thought. 

Fast forward a few more days when James and I heard what we thought was a frog, LOUDLY calling from somewhere on the front porch. It happened several more times, too. We’d look around, but there was no frog to be found. Mystery!

This evening, I solved the mystery when I happened to glance above our front door. What was THAT, I asked myself. I looked closer….Our frog friend! Can you see him way up there? Too funny! No one can bother him now!

UPDATE JUNE 2, 2022 (photos below)
Our little frog friend is still hanging out above our front door. The other day, I happened to notice ANOTHER frog. This one's hanging out on the bricks! Is love in the air?

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