Wednesday, April 17, 2024

New friend

In March 2021, I bought two goldfish for our stock tank pond. I thought the bad Uri storm the prior February had killed our gambusia. (Some did survive!) My two goldfish from Ace Hardware thrived and grew bigger. Then one day last year, I leaned down and peered into the water. Only one goldfish appeared. Where was the other one? Sadly, I found it on the ground by the tank, gray and lifeless. I'll never know what happened. 
Yesterday, I finally bought a new friend for Goldie (as call her/him now) at Red Crest Pet Shop in Boerne. However, I nearly killed the poor fish (a Shubunkin variety), trying to get it out of the bag. But I'm happy to report that I did see it swimming around last night. So it survived! And I'm pretty sure Goldie's happy to have a friend again. That is, if goldfish feel happy. LOL!

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