Saturday, May 9, 2009

More verbenas

Our trip to Austin last week also netted some more verbenas to add to a front bed, where two old pink rose bushes live. In the past, I've planted dianthus and petunias around them but would just get frustrated because I couldn't keep them looking pretty and healthy. To heck with them! Now that we're planting primarily natives, I decided to go with different colors of verbenas. They should withstand the heat better and hopefully return every year. We'll see!

White verbena

Verbena 'Perennial Pink'

Verbena 'Pink Canadensis'

Blue Princess verbena
Verbena x hybrida
'Blue Princess'
(Already planted)

Verbena x hybrida 'Wildfire Dark Red'
(Already planted)


Marilyn Kircus said...

I didn't know there were that many different colors of verbena. I'll have to put some in my new garden in Dripping Springs. I've already tried digging up the wild one in the field. It has happily lived in a pot for a year.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Yes! And there's also soft pink verbena we saw at the Home Depot in your town. But nearly ALL the plants at that store look ill. So we didn't buy one. And I haven't see that color again since.

Kristin Lea said...

We have the red verbena, and they are over a year old! So beautiful!

Kristin Lea said...

It's funny you posted this b/c a we discovered the name of them a day before you posted them. (I bought them a year ago, but didn't know the name of em) We went to lowes and I saw them about a week ago. When we got home I quickly looked them up in our Texas flora book.
They had soft pink and purple at the lowes.

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