Friday, May 22, 2009

Squash garden update

May 9

What a difference a few weeks makes in a garden! I took the photo above of my squash garden, then never got around to posting it. In April, I planted a bunch of squash and zuchinni seeds, then promptly forgot which row was which. We decided not to plant a full-fledged garden this year because of our drought. But I thought, what the heck, I'll plant some seeds and if they come up, great. If they don't, no big loss. Well, as you can see, a row DID come up, and it's yellow squash! More specifically, 'Early Prolific Straightneck' (Ferry-Morse). I've got at least four squash ready to pick ASAP. James says it's our best garden EVER, and all the plants came from seed!

May 22

Lemon Queen sunflowers

Meanwhile, the eight or 10 sunflower seeds I planted in a little row are also coming up. They're from the packet of Lemon Queen (Helianthus annuus) mailed out by the Great Sunflower Project. As soon as they start blooming, I can get going on counting bees that visit the flowers.

Arugula Rocket Salad

AND I picked up some free out-of-date vegetable seeds in Hamilton, Texas, several weeks ago. Again I thought, what the heck? I planted some out of both packets of lettuce. Some are coming up now but I don't know what they are: either Arugula Rocket Salad (Eruca sativa) or Arugula Wild Rocket Salad (Eruca vesicaria sativa). If I get any lettuce at all, I'll be thrilled!

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