Thursday, May 14, 2009

Owl children!

Look! We have at least two juvenile eastern screech owls! I just happened to be outside awhile ago, replenishing hummingbird feeders, when I glanced over at the nest box. We thought we'd heard some scratching lately coming from the box, and we were so hoping. Well, our hopes came true....

"Oh, my goodness!" I squealed as soon as I spotted the little guy, then I RAN to the house.

"James James James James!" I hollered as I dashed past the living room for my camera. "We have babies!" He followed me back outside and just smiled smiled smiled.

"Isn't that so cool?" he asked. I nodded.

Aren't they cute? There's at least two (James shot the bottom two photos). We just couldn't be happier! ...Well, unless we ever got our own purple martins. THAT would be yet another happy day!

P.S. I forgot report that our titmice children, who were hatched and raised in our original Owl Shack, apparently fledged just fine. A few evenings ago, I spotted at least four young ones in our live oaks, being attended to by their parents. Yay!

UPDATE–Cliff Shackelford, who made our Owl Shacks, sent us a note of congratulations with some words of caution: "Please remember to re-read one of our last FAQs that discusses owlets fledging a tad early. Usually it's from a clutchmate in a nest of three or more young that push and shove for an optimum seat for mom and dad to feed them. They get pushed out a day or two early in natural cavities, too. It's part of the life of an owlet! But all new Owl Shack landlords need to be prepared both mentally and physically. Good luck! Enjoy the baby owls!"


Lorilee said...

The owlets are so sweet. My purple martins seem to have given up because of the starlings!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Congratulations! They are beautiful!

Town Mouse said...

That is SOOO cool! Thanks for the pics and also for the link to the owl cam. (Of course I still hope next year someone will move into my owl house...)

Ewa said...

OMG! they are amazing! you are very lucky to have the chance to observe them.

mlc said...

OMG. Thank you for sharing. I have loved Eastern Screech owls ever since our pre-honeymoon first night in our trailer when a little creature began screeching in the locust trees outside our bedroom window. Imagine two newlyweds with flashlights stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out what was making such a racket!!
Kudos for getting such a wonderful photo opportunity!!

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