Saturday, April 16, 2016

Blue curls and more

A week or so ago, I was SO thrilled to discover blue curls (Phacelia congesta) growing in our gardens! Our friends, Charlotte and Linda, actually pointed them out to me. I'd noticed some "new" plants popping up near our wild indigo blue, and I decided I'd let them be until they bloomed. Well, Charlotte and Linda nailed them! I was so happy! A few years ago, Linda gave me blue curl seeds, and I must have dropped some out there where these are growing. Anyway, now they'll reseed themselves. Awesome!
Our white butterfly gaura is BEAUTIFUL and shrubby BIG!  
 Jerusalem sage (non-native)

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Rock rose said...

I love blue curls and I must get some. So much better behaved than Blue Mistflower. SOmeone gave me that and said it was blue curls. Now I have it everywhere.

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