Monday, April 4, 2016

New additions!

We attended the annual Mostly Native Plant Sale in Boerne over the weekend. On that note, meet my new native friends!
From David and Pablo at Natives of Texas in Medina: 
   Climbing milkweed Funastrum cynanchoides
   Corona de cristo passionflower Passiflora foetida var. gossypiifolia
   Woolly Dutchman's pipe Aristolochia tomentosa 
Madrone Nursery, San Marcos:
   Showy milkweed Asclepias speciosa DIED
   Short-crown (bract) milkweed Asclepias brachystephana DIED

Nature's Herb Farm, San Antonio
    Salvias, 'Yellow' (two)

Native Plant Society of Texas, Boerne chapter
   Anacua Ehretia anacua
   Pyramid bush Melochia tomentosa 
Comfort Feed & Garden
  Dalberg daisy (I think Thymophylla tenuiloba

Also two Mexican bush sage


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