Tuesday, April 5, 2016

MORE new additions? Yes!

Our native plant friend Linda Chang came to see us today, and she brought her close friend, Charlotte (if I can use your last name, Charlotte, let me know). We had a fun plant swamp. Except WE can out far, far ahead of Linda and Charlotte! Look at what we snagged! My goodness, do we have a lot to plant! Especially since we just got back from the Boerne plant sale last Saturday. Okay, here's what they gifted us with....THANK YOU, Y'ALL!!

Linda, photo above, 
   Tickletongue (Zanthoxylum hirsutum)
   Black cherry (Prunus serotina
   Pipevine (Aristolochia fimbriata) non-native

 Everything else, from Charlotte:
   Bush morning-glory (Ipomoea leptophylla)  (photo above)

Celosia 'Flamingo Flower'
Salvia 'Lollie Jackson' (Named for native plant collector Lollie Jackson
Salvia 'Teresa'
 Pink mint (Stachys drummondii)
 Salvia 'Karwinskii'
 Salvia 'La Trinidad'
 Salvia 'Karwinskii'
Charlotte also gave us a fragrant mistflower. Since we already have several, we're going to share it with someone else.

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