Sunday, September 7, 2008

Street view

Here's our Pink House from the street. The (non-native) crape myrtle's in bright bloom. This also gives a good perspective of how really old and huge our live oaks are. The last squirrel baby that I rescued (see Aug. 23 entry) was up in the massive oak on the far right side.

This is primarily our "salvia" bed. A pretty heartleaf hibiscus lives on the far left side. We planted it last year, and it's doing really well.

The bougainvillea has taken OFF! It should bloom soon. I was so elated when it came back after we thought it might not survive being in the ground. I treasure this plant because a dear friend–Mark Malone, who died in 2003–and his mother, Mary, gave it to me after I moved into the Pink House in April 2002.

Here are some shots of our plentiful Salvia coccinea and lantanas. We love this bed. You can barely see the birdbath for the blooms.

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