Sunday, September 21, 2008

Snake alive 2

Last night, while watering in the back yard, James spotted a snake crawling near the dayflowers and purple hearts. He ran for a glove while I kept an eye on it. Looked like another rat snake, this one even younger than our nighttime visitor. This one, however, rattled its tail in the leaf litter, which made us think for a split second maybe we DID have a baby rattlesnake on our hands. But, no, closer examination revealed a plain tipped tail, no buttons, nothing fancy at all.

Rat snakes do that, vibrate their tails and act very aggressive so that hopefully you WILL get scared and run the other way. Didn't work on us.

Much to this guy's chagrin, James handed him to me, then I carried him gently inside the house to show Lindsey. Then we let him go in the sanctuary.

He sure was cute.

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Lorilee said...

YIKES! I have no desire to hold a snake. I appreciate them from afar!

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