Sunday, September 14, 2008

Toad child

I was watering some potted plants earlier this afternoon when I spotted this little toad not far from the water faucet that's attached to our hose (it drips when the water runs). At least, I assume it to be a toad of some kind. It was tiny, about the size of a quarter. How did he/she do that? I mean, we've had a drought in recent months, broken only by a few rains last month. There's no water puddles near the water faucet, where this little guy was hanging out. How did he make it from a tadpole to a toad then? Really makes me wonder. Nature is so amazing.

"It's Raining Toads, an article in the September 2008 issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine, describes how a toad species in arid Monahans Sandhills State Park in West Texas has adapted to short rain cycles there. More than likely, our species here in Central Texas have adapted, too.

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