Monday, May 25, 2009

First bee box occupant(s)

Megachile sp.

Yes, James and I were out touring our Wildscape this evening when James exclaimed, "There's a bee!" Oh, my stars over Blanco! There was a bee, busily working in my bee box, which I made and put up this past March 18 (see post). Evidently, she'd already laid her eggs because she was hard at work, sealing the hole, by the time we happened by. I had a hard time getting a good photo of her seal, which appears to be constructed of shredded-up green vegetation. But you can make it out, I hope.

Isn't it just COOL how nature responds? Put up an owl nest box, and the owls come (sometimes the titmice, too). Put up a bee nest box, and here they come. Sure, I'll admit it takes time sometimes. It doesn't just happen. Like Saturday evening, a male purple martin checked out our martin house but didn't move in. And we still don't have any bats in our bat house. But they'll come. Eventually, they'll come.

I'm just gonna keep believing that!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting up your bee house! It's really important we all support all kinds of bees right now! It is amazing how quickly life always fills anywhere it can.
Plant Lady

Helen said...

Love the Bee Box! Must check out your other post for instructions. "Let it bee."

Jeri Bowles said...

Not only bees seem to be in short supply. According to a magazine article I read recently, fewer and fewer vultures have been seen all over India where they are appreciated as scavengers on land as sharks are to the oceans. Both keep Earth clean of excess death and decay. Vultures can eat the most bacteria-ridden carrion that other scavengers would die from eating. Seeing the vultures on your blog gave me hope and optimism that Earth's indispensible creatures and plants are adapting to climate change, vanishing habitats, etc. etc. Many TV shows are about companies working to "right men's wrongs." Well, right here in Blanco, you and James are contributing to saving the planet!!!! Jeri Bowles

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