Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lost Ladybug Project

Yesterday evening, I just happened to spot this little ladybug on one of our backyard birdbaths. Actually, James and I were trying to photograph a friendly red admiral butterfly that kept landing on me. After I saw the beetle, then I turned my attention to it while James kept shooting the butterfly on my back. We are easily entertained!

This morning, I uploaded these photos to the Lost Ladybug Project. I'm guessing our species is an ashy gray ladybug (Olla v-nigrum). Pretty, eh?

What's the Lost Ladybug Project? Researchers at Cornell University are asking kids and adults to shoot photos of ladybugs across the nation so they can survey species. Check out their website! One of my two articles on ladybugs and the project (published in Jakes children's magazine) is posted there under the "media" link. The other article, "Ladybug Lookout," appeared in the August 2009 issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine.

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