Thursday, September 10, 2009

With rain comes resurrection

A wonderful, drenching rain–nearly 2 inches–fell this afternoon. What a blessing!

A few weeks ago, I thought it'd be interesting to note how shriveled and dry the native horseherb (Calyptocarpus vialis) can get without water. So I shot a photo Sept. 3.

Before rain (Sept. 3)

After rain (today)

This afternoon, after the rains stopped, I went outside and snapped a photo of the SAME plant (I marked it with some small rocks). As you can see, horseherb returns almost instantly after rainfall! Amazing, eh?


Diana Studer said...

So glad you have had rain at last. (Remember you was memed ...)

Caroline said...

Mine's back too, with hundreds of little seedlings. Hooray!

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