Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oxalis cousins

Oxalis drummondii

All the recent rains enticed a new-to-me species to spring up in our Wildscape. My neighbor, Monta, noticed some blooming in her yard as well. Naturally, I had to figure it out, and I believe it's an oxalis called Drummond's woodsorrel. Which means it's related to the oxalis we bought and planted in the back yard (violet woodsorrel) and also a yellow woodsorrel (common yellow oxalis) that springs up everywhere.

Just in case you're interested, oxalis is pronounced "ox-alice." Took me FOREVER to remember how to say it, but I finally did!

Windowbox wood sorrel
Oxalis rubra

Oxalis stricta
(My daughter, Lindsey, calls this plant "her clover")


Diana Studer said...

Our common yellow oxalis is a taller plant, with bigger flowers. Lemon yellow. And we have MILLIONS. Every handful of soil is full of their bulbs. The last flowers are fading now, and the leaves collapsing as the sun starts to bite.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed these as I was walking back from the shed, and wondered what they were. Then sat down, started clicking through blogs, and there was my mystery flower!

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

It's the first time I remember seeing the Drummond's woodsorrel, though I guess they've always been around (duh!). Probably the abundance is due to our recent rains? A week or so we were inundated with evening rain lilies.

Caroline said...

Drummond's woodsorrel has inundated my back 40 (feet, not acres!) as well! My husband keeps asking where it all came from (I think he suspects I planted it)...

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