Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My green friend, a beetle and other happenin's

Yesterday, I was really excited to spot an ironclad beetle, one of the prettiest and most unusually marked species in our neighborhood. When I picked it up, it immediately "played dead." And it did a good job of it, too! (See below) But not for long. I let it go under the inland sea oats.

I used to pull up this stuff. Then I discovered it's a "native"–either Carolina ponysfoot or Oakswood ponysfoot. Probably Carolina. Either way, it makes a great groundcover!

And look, one of our fall obedient plants is blooming!

I snuck this photo past James. Dozens of these tiny caterpillars are devouring leaves on our flame acanthus. Several weeks ago, we snipped off an acanthus branch that was covered with caterpillars, and James tossed it across the street. This time, I let them be because I wanted to find out the species. Well, they're crimson patch (Chlosyne janais) caterpillars! I love to play investigator!

And yesterday evening, James spotted this guy–a baby Texas spiny lizard. He was a cute little thing!

Finally, last but not least, my green friend on the Jerusalem sage. She's more than doubled in size.

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