Monday, June 16, 2014

My favorite kind of gift

We got home last night to find two plants on our front porch, gifted to us by our native plant friends Linda and Ron. My favorite kind of present!

"The two plants I promised you are," she emailed me, "Passiflora affinis [top plant in the terracotta pot] and the Aristolochia erecta, aka 'swanflower.' I collected four seeds last year, and this is the only one that came up. It has not grown any at all. Here's hoping that it will grow in your Meadow. I understand that it puts down a very deep taproot. It would be perfect for your Meadow so I sure hope it grows! The Passiflora needs a tree to climb on."

So I just need to get busy and plant them both! Thank you thank you, Linda and Ron!

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