Friday, June 20, 2014

What's blooming

Our Missouri primrose is blooming for the first time ever!

Mexican oregano
'Longwood Blue'

Purple skullcap
Yarrow 'Moonshine'
Common yarrow and leadwort plumbago
Rock penstemon, leadwort plumbago, rock rose

Rock rose

Texas betony


Lakeshore Library said...

Sheryl, I joined your email list through the library (Lakeshore) and my personal email "lovefenwick".
I have seen nothing more soothing lately (especially at work) than gazing on your handiwork.
I am sorry I missed the program so I have 2 questions for you - I see so many leaves in the photos - do you use them as mulch? and I also see no weeds - do you pull 24/7 or does Mother Nature do that for you? Pat

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Hi, Pat! We use mulch that we get via Pedernales Electric Coop. I pull "weeds" now and then but not continually. Hope you get by here sometimes and see our gardens. You need a "green" break! :-)

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