Monday, June 30, 2014

Saturday park outing

Gotta get away sometimes so Saturday morning we headed to Guadalupe River State Park. I had my camera along so I had fun photographing whatever I wanted. Take a look at this Lindheimer's morning glory. So pretty!
Foliage of the Lindheimer's morning glory.
My favorite milkweed: pearl milkweed vine. LOVE the flowers!

Along a trail, we nearly walked through a huge orbweb or two. I used my spider smarts and found the giant lichen orbweaver, tucked underneath a branch. She blended in perfectly with the moss and bark.
James spotted this big robber fly with its foot "entangled" in the grass. I picked the fly up, grass and all, and it looked like the fly just didn't want to let go of the grass. (So far identified by experts in the genus Diogmites. Commonly called "hanging thieves," for obvious reasons. Check out that photo!)
Black-eyed susan
A better image of a second orbweaver that we found.
A little Texas thistle bloom.
New native to me: wand butterflybush. Cool!

Look who we encountered on a trail! A semi-sociable armadillo.

Ladybugs in love (Harmonia axyridis)...image submitted to the Lost Ladybug Project.
A cool Brock Magiscope that visitors can use at the park's Discovery Center. We want one of our own!

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