Friday, May 22, 2015

More bird babies

The other evening, James held a ladder while I got up and shot a few pictures of baby cardinals in a nest in some low branches of a live oak in the back yard. He got pictures, too. See those strips of cedar in the nest? They came off James' cedar fence. We laughed about that.  

 Then we moved the ladder, and I got some photos (below) of baby mockingbirds in a nest over the rock patio. So sweet! It's gonna be real noisy soon when these little guys fledge!


Rock rose said...

I hope they stay dry this weekend. We have a Cardinal nest by our greenhouse. 3 eggs this morning.

TexasDeb said...

So adorable. Here just west of Austin, our cardinal and mockingbird couples already have noisy fledglings out following them around the gardens, demanding to be fed, fed, fed! And I'm noting some very small squirrels exploring, indicating those babies are out on their own as well. The does I'm seeing now don't seem to be pregnant any longer either, but I haven't seen fawns yet. I feel sorry for all these babies having to learn so many important lessons while there are so many storms passing through. On the other hand, at least they won't be thirsty or lack for things to eat for a while!

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Now we have a mourning dove pair building a nest in the back yard. From our dining room window, we can see them high up in an live oak branch.

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