Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mushrooms and other spongy things

Red cracked-cap bolete (Boletus chrysenteron)
Oh, if only I COULD identify mushroom species! But I'm not even going to try. I do well to keep up with our native plant and insect species. With all the recent rains, though, I had to at least shoot some photos of the many different kinds of mushrooms and other rain-related growths we have right now in our Wildscape. Some of them are quite beautiful. If you care to ID any of them for me, FEEL FREE! I'd love it! 

Likely a Ramaria sp. in the coral mushroom family.

BOLETES are fleshy, terrestrial cap-and-stalk mushrooms but instead of gills beneath their caps, they have a layer of downward-pointing tubes. When you look beneath the cap you see the open ends of those tubes, which make it appear rather like a sponge.

I photographed more mushrooms (below) May 18, 2015:


TexasDeb said...

These are gorgeous photos - they look good enough to eat! I don't know diddly about fungi but judging by the variety you show I'd say your meadows have multiple healthy colonies growing in the soil. A sure sign of good stewardship and a well maintained happy balance.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this website! I just foraged some pretty pink boletes, now I know what they are! :)

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