Thursday, August 20, 2015

Green green green

Today is August 20, and it was 76 to 78 degrees outside at 5 p.m. What a blessing and a miracle, too! So I grabbed my garden shears and point-n-shoot camera, and off I went. In the front yard, I was thrilled to see that the green lynxes I'd spotted a few days ago were still hanging out in the red galeana sage. That's the female in the photo above. 
Here's what you'd see if you walked past the sage. James says I have eagle eyes because I spotted the green lynxes in what you see above. I guess I do have pretty good eyesight when it comes to seeing what other people just might miss. 
 Here's another shot of the female (above).
 And now the male (above and below).

 Above is what initially caught my eye. A spider had caught up all the spent sage blooms with webbing. I really thought I'd find a green lynx mom guarding her egg sac. But that hasn't happened yet. Evidently, he's still waiting for her to give him a go ahead, if you know what I mean.
 Then I headed over to the 'Indigo Spires' salvias, and who should I find but a young praying mantis (above). I'm always thrilled when I find one of those, which are among my favorite critters. We chatted for a bit, and she let me take some photos. Then we both went about our own business, which was respectively dead-heading and hunting for supper.

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TexasDeb said...

You do have eagle eyes! The spiders and other insects can all be happy you aren't out hunting them for any reason other than photo opportunities. I especially love that last shot - she looks so expressive.

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