Thursday, August 27, 2015

When an antlion grows up

Last weekend, we spent a night in Rocksprings so we could see the bats. You know, the Mexican-freetailed bats that roost at the Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area. If you haven't been, GO. And hurry..the bats will be gone for the winter by October. Watching them spiral out of the cave by the millions and millions is an aswesome sight to behold!

Anyway, as we were packing up to leave, I spotted an interesting insect on an exterior wall of the Historic Rocksprings Hotel, where we stayed. Owlfly? I wasn't sure. So I snapped some shots. Back home, the experts at confirmed that this is antlion adult, specifically Vella fallax. Cool!

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TexasDeb said...

Double wow... Bats and Antlions. I don't think I've ever seen an adult antlion but we did stop to watch the bats several years ago. It made a lifelong impression. I'll admit I was a little creeped out at the time but that was before I properly appreciated how many insects those bats were eating each evening. Now I see those swirling masses and think to myself, "you go get 'em babies!".

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