Saturday, August 29, 2015

Nope, not goin' anywhere, missy

  I was outside early this morning, watering. This toad was lounging in a plate that we keep filled with water, and NOTHING was gonna get him out. Not even big ol' me. I added water gently via the hose, and he just shrugged. At least, I think that was a shrug.


Melody McMahon said...

What a smart toad! His own little pool of cool water! Thanks for the reminder to put out a shallow saucer for my toads too! I don't see them but I hear them and last month when I took plants to sell at Gardening Volunteers of South Texas class I found one in a pot. I took him back home with me! I need them for bug patrol!

TexasDeb said...

(I think I've taken vacation trips with that guy...)

Mr. Toad certainly has the right idea. The very best way to get through August is partially submerged!

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