Tuesday, September 25, 2018

American germander tale

I'm a bit late in reporting that last June the Blanco County Master Gardeners had their monthly meeting in our back yard. I need to tell you that now because that's how this American germander (Teucrium canadense) tale starts. Pat (above) brought some cuttings of the species for show-and-tell. They came from a Blanco County property. After the meeting, Pat didn't want them so she offered them to me. Just stick the stems in some root starter, she advised, and put them in dirt. So I did. And darned if the cuttings didn't take root and GROW!
Yesterday I decided it was time to get them out of the pot and into the ground. WOWZER! Those sneaky guys had already sent out rhizomes deluxe (see photo below). I may wish I'd never planted them because I've read that they can spread. But American germanders also require water so that may keep in check. We shall see!

Blanco County Master Gardeners, June 2018


Shirley said...

It does spread like wildfire. It's my biggest spreader so I'm careful about sharing it. I do not water mine, sun or shade it still spreads and is a lot of work if it's where you don't want it. I like the blooms and it takes zero care in the hottest, toughest spot where I did not want cactus. It does die back in winter which helps because I can pull out the sprouts in spring.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Sounds like mint! :-)

Rebecca said...

Love the pretty flowers. Hope it doesn't spread too much for you.

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