Monday, September 17, 2018

Trapdoor spider babies

Every few days, we dump out the bird baths and refresh the water. Which is what I did this evening. I just happened to notice a "knob" of some kind on the side of one bird bath. What was that? I stepped up closer and looked....trapdoor spiderlings! Oh, my goodness! Such a cool find! But I felt bad, too. I sure didn't mean to bother them. I think the water splashed right over them. These spiders typically burrow in the ground. James theorized that maybe the mama moved them up because of all the rains? Maybe so.


Weezie said...

how to cool to see these little spiders - trapdoors are fascinating, I always enjoy seeing them

Celia said...

Cool! I found some in my yard, trying hard to ID them, and found this blog post! My photos look identical, thank you for the help.

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