Thursday, November 29, 2018

Not trimming yet

Crispy Texas lantanas
Two weeks ago, we had two hard freezes back to back. I was sad that they came so early this year. Our fragrant mistflowers (Chromolaena odorata) were just starting to bloom. One mistflower shrub didn't even get to open its flowers. Anyway, nearly all our plants look dead now. Yes, it's tempting, but I'm not going to trim much of anything back until next spring because the dead foliage provides shelter and habitat for critters during cold temperatures. (Note: I did cut down some plateau goldeneye branches that were hanging over a pathway.)  Can't wait for spring!
More lantanas
Brown fragrant mistflowers

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sandy lawrence said...

Agreed! I'm still worrying about the butterflies that were enjoying wildflowers in the meadow, many of which did not have time to seed. Overnight, food sources for pollinators gone. :(

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