Sunday, November 4, 2018

Grape hyacinth bulbs

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Last spring, I dug up (with permission) some grape hyacinth bulbs from a vacant lot owned by the Lutheran church here in town. I put them in a pot and forgot about them. Last week, I got to thinking about ALL those bulbs still left in the ground. So I contacted Pastor Dayna and asked when they planned to start on their parking lot. She said they were in the process of obtaining permits. Maybe 30 days? YIKES! When I suggested that we have a dig party to rescue what we could, she agreed. So Friday morning, Dayna, James and I along with Kathy and Yvonne braved chilly temperatures and dug dug dug. 

Yesterday, I returned to the vacant lot and met up with Peggy and her husband Dean, who came to dig up bulbs and native plants.  What's more, Dana and her granddaughter Skyla drove all the way from Comfort to dig up grape hyacinth bulbs. "They remind me of my grandmother's yard," she said. "I've been searching for YEARS for them." Afterward, everyone drove over and toured our native gardens. How wonderful–we all made new friends, thanks to one little bulb.

NOTE: Grape hyacinths aren't native to Texas. But they are considered to be heirloom plants. So they're special in their own way, just like indigenous native plants are. We now have some in our gardens.




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