Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lost Ladybug Project

A while ago, I REALLY thought MAYBE I'd found the elusive nine-spotted ladybug that researchers at Cornell University are trying to find. But alas, it was just a seven-spotted specimen (Coccinella septempunctata). I also found a Hippodamia convergens, which is native to the U.S. I uploaded these photos to the Lostladybug site.

Coccinella septempunctata
(first view)

Second view

Hippodamia convergens

UPDATE E-mail received 5/20 6:30 A.M.

Dear Sheryl,

Thank you, again, for your contribution to the Lost Ladybug Project. Your submission can now be viewed in the Contributors section of the Lost Ladybug Project website, here: http://lostladybug.org/contributors-images.php?id=1062

Great to hear from you, and I love these photos! (from Rebecca)

The Lost Ladybug Project

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