Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Purple martin sighting!

This morning, I thought I heard a purple martin chortling toward our neighbors' house down the street. They've got two martin houses but no martins. Only sparrows. Like us. At any rate, what did I see, but either a subadult or a female perched on the utility line, looking at our house! "JAMES!" I hollered while I stared with pure jubilation. Just the SIGHT of one THAT CLOSE made me so darn happy! We immediately got the house down and cleaned out the sparrow nest (which we do every few days). The martin stayed nearby. It flew over us once. Later, after James left, I stood off to the side and either the same martin returned or another flew by! I nearly cried.

I've been listening as best I can all day. But so far, I haven't heard them nor seen them return. But I sure felt some hope that we will get martins. I hope so, so much!!

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