Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Winter casualties

The weather's warming up fast, and we've been watching our Wildscape, in hopes that everyone (our plants) will return. But that's not to be the case, alas.

Here's our casualties:

Mexican honeysuckle (two, planted '09)

Plumbago (two, planted '09)

Guara (all three, '09, but one may have reseeded)

Butterfly vine (two of four, '09; two largest died, two smaller ones survived)

Heartleaf hibiscus (planted '07; I sure hated to see that not come back)

Bulbine (three, planted '09; a lady in Austin said hers didn't survive winter either either)

An old rose bush (planted by Bendele family who lived here before us; didn't survive drought)

My bougainvillea (given to me by Mary Malone in 2002, left in the pot until planted 2008; another drought casualty. Sniff)

Overall, I guess we fared well in our Wildscape for winter 2009-2010.

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