Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Supper guest

This evening, James made chili dogs for supper. We were nearly done with our meal when I happened to glance across the table. "Look!" I exclaimed, jumping up from my chair. "I've got to go get my camera!" Poor James. He was confused and kept looking out the window, trying to see what I saw.

"No," I said, "look THERE!" I pointed at the chair across from me. There perched a baby praying mantid! What a cute little thing!

"It's watching you!" I told James, while I was shooting photos. He was busy in the kitchen, fixing another chili dog, and the mantid was looking in his direction. When my camera's flash went off, its little head swiveled toward me. Mantises have excellent eyesight.

After the photo session, I fetched my "spider bottle" that I keep handy in my purse for just such occasions. I tried to entice it inside, but the little guy preferred to stay on my hand. So together we went in the back yard, and I let it go on one of our Jerusalem sages. When I went back later, there it was.....

It's so tiny that I had a hard time focusing my camera on it.

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The Younger Rachael said...

How very fun! I love the pictures, they are excellent.

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