Monday, May 18, 2015

What's blooming

We first became acquainted with heartleaf skullcap at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin.

Purple salvia

Salvia 'Eyelash' and Texas betony
Butterfly guara
American beautyberry (left) and more salvia 
Shasta daisies

Squarebud primrose and Texas betony

Winecup, 'Amazon' dianthus and pink evening primrose

Common yarrow

Bee on longwood blue
More of 'Amazon' dianthus


Pearl milkweed vine
Mexican oregano

Take a look at the volunteer peach tree and pumpkin (squash?) vines growing in our compost pile!

Oxalis in full swing
Maximilian sunflowers are gonna put on a BIG show later this year! There's a poor coralbean planted in the middle of them. Can you see it peeking up?

A surviving chrysanthemum given to us many years ago by our good friends, Linda and Butch.

Gray and green santolinas share dirt with larkspurs. 
Texas lantana

An admiral on the white mistflower
Galeana red sage about to bust open!


TexasDeb said...

Loveliness all around. That pearl milkweed vine is especially stunning, and so exotic. You and James must be deeply happy with your meadow!

Steph@RamblingWren said...

So many beautiful blooms! Love the Pearl milkweed vine. The flower is so pretty and delicate.

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