Friday, May 30, 2008

Friendly bug

Yesterday in the back yard, when I went out to check on some seedlings I have going in three little pots, I spotted a funny-looking grasshopper or cricket. I wasn't sure which. So I ran inside and grabbed my camera. I snapped off lots of shots. Then the little guy jumped on my camera! I carried him inside the house, and then he jumped on ME. So James shot photos of both of us. As I was carrying the bug in my hand, back outside where I found it, the thing chomped on me. Didn't hurt, but I felt some jaws!

I emailed some pictures to TPW biologist Mike Quinn, who sent me to a bug site on the Internet (Bug Guide). I'm guessing that my overly-friendly friend is a juvenile katydid.

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Unknown said...

cool on the blog! i'll have to link to it from my blogroll! :)

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