Saturday, May 24, 2008

In bloom...

This morning, our heartleaf hibiscus bloomed for the second time this season.

We planted it last summer, and it overwintered just fine. So did the blue anise sage (also pictured). From now on, I'll make sure we get the IDs on plants whenever we bring new ones home to plant. It took me awhile to figure out a common name for the blue sage (Salvia guaranitica). There are several other names: Brazilian sage, black and blue sage, blue majesty sage. I settled on the blue anise name because that seems to be the most generally one used. It also spreads, which is a bonus.

I'll be researching salvias later for a magazine article. The salvia family is huge. Sometimes they're also called "sage." I got so confused about what's what when it comes to salvias that I thought an informative article on them would help me and other gardeners, too. Stay tuned.

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