Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lantanas in our Wildscape...

Lantanas grow wild in Central Texas. You'll see them along fence lines, in fields and in yards. When I moved into this home in 2002, the yard came with four VOLUNTEER lantanas–three orange (Lantana urticoides) and one yellow/pink (Lantana camara). They're super hardy and bloom prolifically. The butterflies love them, too.

This year, we planted several hybrids–white trailing lantana, 'New Gold' and 'Irene.' Check'em out below. 'Irene' is my favorite with its bright, BRIGHT pink flowers. So far, they're all doing well in a front-yard bed.

Lantana urticoides (native)

Lantana camara
(Don't plant these! They're considered to be a naturalized but invasive plant
in Texas that was originally brought from the West Indies. )

White trailing lantana (hybrid)
Planted this season

'Irene' lantana (cultivar)
Planted this season

'New Gold' lantana (cultivar)
Planted this season

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