Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well. Ok. I've finally joined the blog club. 
This past week, as I'd sit here at my desk, writing, getting stuck, then looking out my window, and watching all the birds sit on the chain-link fence, I thought how neat it'd be to document what I see, month by month, season by season. A blog? Ok, maybe so. But what in the world would I call it? You've got to title your blog, you know. It's the rules. So I thought and thought...window window window. Heck, we've got a certified Texas Wildscape. Why not weave in our observations on our whole yard, not just what I see from here at my desk?

Good idea, Sheryl!

Thank you. Now and then, I'm good for something.

At any rate, here goes. I've already been busy, thinking of all kinds of things I'd like to share.... Maybe starting with our pair of eastern screech owls, Al and Agatha. 
Stay tuned.

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