Thursday, September 4, 2008

Second owl box up

Finally, after months of sitting in my car trunk, the second Owl Shack is UP. James hung up it up Tuesday. Nice, eh? Cliff Shackelford in Nacogdoches builds his "Owl Shacks" in his carport and ships them statewide. For more information, check out his website, Owl He got a lot of good photos and instructions on how to hang his boxes.

If you search this blog, you'll see photos of Al and Agatha, the eastern screech owls who found our first owl box within a week or so of us putting it up last March. We were pretty sure Agatha was nesting, but then we never spotted any little heads poking up in the box in the evening. Next spring, I bet we will!

Cliff told me that the second box will be used by the male for roosting in the winter. It's located in an oak that's on our adjacent lot.

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Anonymous said...

Did you make it yourselves? I've been coveting a screech owl house since I saw one in the paper a while ago.

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