Thursday, November 20, 2008

After the freeze

Yes, we had a freeze earlier this week. I'd watered the day before but not the day of. One of those curve balls that life can throw got in the way, and I didn't go out in the yard for several days. 

At any rate, I was saddened to see the firebush limp and sick the next day. It's a goner for the season, that's for sure. The bougainvillea doesn't look very well, either. Cycle of life, yes, I know. James and I are already longing for spring so we can plant new things and watch the green return. Today, I longingly eyed a big pot of Mexican bush sage, which is on our wish list. The nursery will sell it to me for $5. But I bet I need to overwinter it in our garage. 

Hurry up, March!

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